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14 April 2024

Press releases


Record volumes of milk from farmers to be processed

According to the results of the 1st half of 2012, farmers, for the first time in 6 years have overtaken the households in terms of milk supply for processing. According to the survey of the Association "Ukrainian Agribusiness Club" (UCAB) "Major livestock holdings in Ukraine: dynamics of development", such trends indicate major structural changes that will determine the status of the Ukrainian milk market.



Quality and efficiency of logistic resources will determine the fate of agriculture - international expert

The potential for improvement of the efficiency of agriculture is much higher in developing countries than in developed countries. This point of view was expressed by Professor of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in University of Goettingen in Germany Ludwig Theuvsen. He said that Ukraine plays an important role in supplying the world population with food, but at this stage investors are discouraged by unreliability and unpredictability of the domestic conjuncture of the agricultural sector.



Cost of wheat on SWOT reached record levels over last four years

Yesterday on SWOT Chicago Mercantile Exchange the bids on wheat ended with price rises for the September contracts by 4.3% to $8.84 per bushel ($328/t). According to the Association "Ukrainian Agribusiness Club" (UCAB), it is the highest price for wheat over the last 4 years.



Since the beginning of marketing year Ukraine exported over 100 thousand tons of sugar

In September-June of 2011/12 marketing year Ukraine has exported 117.9 thousand tons of sugar, which is unprecedented figure of volume of the last decade. The lion's share of sugar export accounts for spring-summer period, during which 90% of this amount was delivered to foreign markets.



Export of grain reducing by nearly 5 mio. tons in 2012/2013 marketing year

Export of grain crops in 2012/2013 marketing year will decline by almost 5 mio. tons in comparison with the previous marketing year due to low harvest of early grain crops. This was stated by the Association "Ukrainian Agribusiness Club" (UCAB). In addition, experts have fear about further decline in exports due to record material losses of farmers this year.



Quantity of nitrates in early watermelons and melons do not exceed standards

The first melon products appeared this year on the wholesale markets almost a month earlier than usual. Last season watermelons and melons were considered early if they appeared on July12-15th. The first products in season 2012 on the markets of Kyiv could be already bought on 15th of June and in the south of Ukraine they were available even earlier. According to experts of the Association "Ukrainian Agribusiness Club" (UCAB), the amount of nitrates is normal in the early products that are sold on wholesale markets.



Football fans from abroad know nothing about Ukrainian salo

The national dish of Ukraine, which was selected by vote at the All-Ukrainian competition "Taste, Ukraine!" was an absolute discovery for foreign football fans. 56% of visitors from abroad have no idea what Ukrainian salo is. These are results of survey conducted by the organizers of the competition "Taste, Ukraine!" and the agency “AgriSurvey”.



Ukraine may increase yielding of most crops for 50%

9-15 June in South Africa was held a conference «The Cash Crop Conference 2012" by the project "Agri benchmark", the partner of which from Ukraine in the last 4 years has been serving the Association "Ukrainian Agribusiness Club" (UCAB). The participants noted the significant potential of increasing yields of basic grains in the CIS, including Ukraine.



Number of AgriSchool participants increased by 50%

June 8-10, at the German Agricultural Center, UCAB held the fourth module of AgriSchool, devoted to technical ensuring of optimal yield. AgriSchool once again gathered in Cherkassy region representatives of leading national agricultural companies, which care about the qualifications and training of their production staff.



Farmers will lose 500 million uah annually in state regulation prices of milk

Adoption of the Law "On Amendments to Article 3 of the Law of Ukraine" On State Support of Agriculture of Ukraine " (concerning the regulation of purchasing prices for milk) may result in procurement of milk and lower prices for its producers. This was stated in the Association "Ukrainian Agribusiness Club" (UABC), commenting on the adoption by Parliament in second reading the draft law with registration number 10456.



Adding milk to the list of government price regulation threatens the bankruptcy of farms and milk processing companies

May 22, 2012 Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted on the first reading the draft law #10456 “On Amendments to Article 3 of the Law of Ukraine “On State Support of Agriculture in Ukraine” in regulating purchasing prices for milk”, which proposes the milk in the list of government price control. It suggests processors must make payment for milk in seven business days. Experts and market participants think such legislative initiatives may lead to higher prices for dairy products and outflow of investment in industry



Systematic work directed on education quality improvement will be minimized by the reassignment of the agricultural universities

The rates of agrarian education development do not respond to the growth dynamics of many agricultural production sectors, as a result most of agrarian companies have to implement specialized programs of raising the young graduates qualification. However, the systematic work directed on improvement of the education quality is substituted by rearranging the powers between authorities.



“NIKA PROJECT PARTNERS” Company has received EBRD accreditation

“NIKA PROJECT PARTNERS”, which is starting from 2008 unfailing service and marketing partner of the Association “Ukrainian Agribusiness Club” (UCAB), has received the accreditation of European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) within the framework of Business Advisory Services Program. This information imparted by the President of UCAB Alex Lissitsa.



Claas and Kuhn became members of UCAB

World's leading manufacturers of agricultural equipment Claas (Germany) and Kuhn (France) became members of the association "Ukrainian agribusiness club" (UCAB). "These companies represent the best experience and progress of the world market of agricultural technologies. In turn, their interest in the agro-industrial sector of Ukraine confirmed the importance of Ukrainian agricultural market on a global scale, "- said Alex Lissitsa, the President of UCAB.



Alfred C. Toepfer International (Ukraine) LLC Becomes First Ukrainian Company Certified for

Alfred C. Toepfer International (Ukraine) LLC today announced that it is the first Ukrainian company to be certified for sustainable biomass per the EU-approved International Sustainability and Carbon Certification System (ISCC). The independent certification body PCU Deutschland GmbH certified Alfred C. Toepfer International (Ukraine) LLC, its suppliers and service providers.



Financial constraints and investment in Ukrainian agriculture

Advisor of the UCAB president on financing in the agro-industrial sector Nataliya Zinych has analysed the current state of financing and investment in Ukrainian agriculture in collaboration with the colleagues from the Humboldt University Berlin and the National Agricultural University of Ukraine. In their study the relationship between investments and capital access is investigated, when using an example of large farms from three regions of Ukraine (Zhytomyr, Cherkasy and Mykolayiv oblasts). Empirical results confirm the presence of the two contradictory phenomena, soft budget constraints and credit rationing.



Change in farming can feed world - report

Sixty countries backed by the World Bank and most UN bodies yesterday called for radical changes in world farming to avert increasing regional food shortages, escalating prices and growing environmental problems.



How will Ukrainian agriculture benefit from the Free Trade Agreement accession with the EU?

Nowadays, European Union is the most important trade partner of Ukraine with the 30% share of total foreign trade balance of Ukraine. EU countries also provided Ukraine with more than 3/4 of its foreign direct investment.



The state support should be up to the agri-producers’ interests to a more considerable extent

Association “Ukrainian Agribusiness Club” (UCAB) greets the introduction of changes to the Governmental resolution #805, that allows agri-producers to pretend to VAT compensation, declared by §6.2.6. article #6 of the Law of Ukraine “About the value-added tax”.

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