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29 March 2017

Agrarian news


export APK

Asia is a leader for import of the Ukrainian agro-industrial complex

Over the last 22 years revenue from export of agricultural products has increased six-fold from USD 2.5 billion to USD 15.2 billion. The UCAB experts conducted a research on how geography of agricultural supplies has changed within this time period.



apples export UCAB

Exports of apples recovered to pre-crisis period

Supplies of stone demonstrate gradual recovery of trade volumes to pre-crisis period. Last year export of apples, pears and quince increased by 2.8 times




How to breed young stock was discussed by AgriSchool in Myrhorod

22 та 23 березня у м. Миргород відбувся другий модуль Агрошколи "Управління молочним бізнесом" на тему вирощування молодняку. Навчання передбачало теоретично-практичні сесії та поїздку на виробничі потужності ТОВ «Вітчизна» в Сумській області.

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UCAB news


UCAB supports the bill № 5225 on the improvement of the tax system in the sphere of land relations and agriculture

Draft Law offers to establish minimum social commitment of 1 hectare and leave the special regime of taxation for animal husbandry, horticulture, viticulture, horticulture and the production of sugar beet.



Registration of agricultural machinery ceased in Ukraine

UCAB addressed an open letter to Maksym Martynuk, First Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine with a request to establish a mechanism for registration and deregistration of agricultural equipment.



Sociedade Rural Brasileira UCAB

UCAB and Sociedade Rural Brasileira signed a memorandum on cooperation

Association Ukrainian Agribusiness Club (UCAB) and Sociedade Rural Brasileira (SRB) signed a memorandum on cooperation during the VII International Conference Large Farm Management.

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Press releases-


The British named major competitive advantages of the Ukrainian agribusiness

On 27 January in Kyiv the British agricultural producers shared their impressions of a visit to the Ukrainian agricultural enterprises that took place from 23 to 28 January. The trip to Ukraine was arranged by Syngenta Company supported by the British Embassy in Ukraine. The British agricultural producers visited Poltava and Zhytomyr regions, joined the field crops conference ‘Workshop of Farmer’ supported by Syngenta in Kharkiv. The final destination of the visit was Kyiv where they told reporters about experience gained during trips to agricultural farms, and evaluated potential of the agricultural sector in Ukraine.



Syngenta held a charity exhibition to support children with disabilities

A charity exhibition fair of children’s works ‘Workshop of Dreams’ initiated by the leading international company ‘Syngenta’ together with a gallery of modern art ‘Garna Gallery’ took place on 22 December 2016. Pupils of creative studio ‘DIMFO’, which educates children with disabilities, showed their works.



How will land consolidation increase income of communities?

Within 2016 1,340 land auctions were announced to be held that is by 31% more than the same period last year. The majority of these auctions is aimed at selling the right to lease agricultural lands.

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UCAB Magazine


Issue №3. Magazine "Large Farm Management"

Magazine "Large Farm Management" – is new unique publication of UCAB. Main attention is focused on such topics as correspondence of a company’s strategy and structure, level of decentralization in decision making in agroholdings, strategies to impact on suppliers and consumers, communication channels between resources suppliers and agricultural enterprises, production efficiency and prevention of non-production losses, as well as many other aspects of management by agricultural business. Ukrainian language.


UCAB in media


While importers are dodging currency devaluation, Ukrainian pig farmers are turning a decent profit

While importers are dodging currency devaluation, Ukrainian pig farmers are turning a decent profit

Ukrainians have reduced consumption of foreign pork. Over nine months of 2014 pork imports to Ukraine dropped 4.2 times to 26.185 mn t (US $68.01 mn) compared to the same period in 2013, according to the State Fiscal Service. President of the Association of Pig Producers Artur Loza says the share of imports of pork in 2013 reached 25–30%.



Ukraine’s moribund economy hurting many

Ukraine’s moribund economy hurting many

At a protest outside the Central Bank in Kyiv, with ordinary Ukrainians finding it punishingly difficult to pay for basic goods, they have been demonstrating against monetary policy.

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How Rada can ease life of the food producers

Last year Ukraine should have introduced equivalent to the European system of state control over the food market operators. This requirement is stipulated by the EU Association Agreement. It is essential for export of ...

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