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24 March 2018

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Is it possible to combine state support and progress?

Subsidies and other types of government support for the sector lead to a reduction in competition with producers in other countries, weaken and have nothing to do with progress. This is the view point of the agrarian community part who believes that natural selection can lead the sector to success.



«Soybean amendments» will affect everyone

Taking into account the negative impact of the adoption of «soybean amendments», UCAB experts conducted a survey among market players on the study of the possibilities of structural changes in the crop areas. The random sample of 200 enterprises with a different sized land bank, which grow soybeans, was formed. The survey of the first 50 companies out of the list showed that only a few were aware of changes to the Tax Code, which were approved in December 2017, others have heard a...



2020: Rapeseed is at risk

The consequences of changes to the Ukrainian Tax Code for rapeseed are even more negative than for soybeans. Let's understand this.



Soybean amendments will not contribute to the growth of processing

In order to support the internal processing of soybeans, it is first necessary to solve livestock problems, which is one of the main channels for the further marketing of finished products.



We will return the money for agro-drones or what about the compensation?

The topic of innovations and civil drones was repeatedly raised by the Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman by telling about the good potential in the technological sector of the agroindustrial complex and unmanned technologies…This is a chance for the government to start such an excellent synergy as agro-innovation technologies. 



Will the agro-industrial complex be able to rewrite history?

Agribusiness of Ukraine this year continues to pleasantly surprise. Agro-export reached the record figure in the history this year. According to the State Fiscal Service, the positive balance of foreign trade in agricultural products in Ukraine for the three quarters of 2017 increased by almost a third (31%) compared to the same period in 2016 and reached about USD10 bln.



Agroholdings: vertical integration as a protective reaction to hostile environment

The attitude to big business, even in the richest developed countries, remains biased, and its role in the economy is the subject of debate. But the role and contribution of Ukrainian agrarian holdings in the development of Ukrainian agro-industrial production in particular, and in the Ukrainian economy as a whole, can’t be overemphasized. What is the reason for the domination of large “forms” in Ukraine and what will be the consequences in the future?



Land inspectors renew the verifications

Conducting reforms in the land sector involves not only the abolition of the moratorium or land decentralization, but also ensuring proper control over land use. This year the resumption of the State Land Cadastre inspector’s verifications suggests that it is expected not only to return the control but also to intensify.



International trade: return to free-trade zone in pursuit of growth

Today, even the "fortresses" of democracy are becoming victims of political populism. The far-right nationalists or anti-globalist movements that are gaining popularity in Western countries, accumulate political capital and are supported by representatives of various social strata. Does this mean that we are seeing the beginning of the globalization end? Should we expect an intensification of protectionist practices and, consequently, a tangible reduction in the v...



How to circumvent the moratorium: 5 most common schemes

The long-lasting moratorium on the sale of agricultural land has generated illegal and semi-legal schemes for its circumvention, and with each passing year their number only increases. Below are the 5 most popular methods that are used for circumvention the moratorium and development of land bank.  

  • Limagrain
  • Zeppelin
  • GrainAlliance
  • HTI
  • CHS
  • Quivogne
  • Global Chemical Group
  • Amazone
  • Danosha
  • IMMER Group
  • kws
  • LNZ Group
  •  Agricom Group
  • Агроріск
  • Baker TILLY
  • Райффайзен Банк Аваль
  • horsch
  • Phosagro
  • uahk
  • Сygnet
  • Syngenta
  • Svarog
  • Agco
  • Lembke
  • Agroregion
  • ugt
  • Agroswit
  • Mriya
  • Eridon
  • Monsanto
  • MHP
  • Maschionet
  • Maisadour
  • DuPont Pioneer
  • Alfabank
  • Agroscop
  • Agroros
  • Agrimatco
  • Avgust
  • NCH Advisors
  • Crop Life International
  • Continental farmers Group
  • AgroGeneration
  • credit agricole
  • danone
  • claas
  • john deer