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25 June 2017

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Stable development: Does Ukraine need it?

I would like to start a discussion that has been brewing in Ukraine for several years and in recent times, with development of society and agricultural sector, is becoming clearly expressed. Every year in late March in Brussels FFA 2017 is held where industry leaders, scientists, ministers, representatives of non-governmental organizations dispute about the future of agriculture trying to balance two main...



How Rada can ease life of the food producers

Last year Ukraine should have introduced equivalent to the European system of state control over the food market operators. This requirement is stipulated by the EU Association Agreement. It is essential for export of the Ukrainian animal products to the markets of not only the EU but also other countries in the world. And still it has not been implemented due to lack of necessary legislation. The relevant draft law is to be considered in the second reading in Par...



Which specialists are going to be a hope for agricultural sector?

An issue of agriculture over the past two years in Ukraine is being discussed at various levels staring from the all-knowing ‘experts’ in social networks and ending with the highest state officials. Agribusiness is the most dynamic sector in the national economy, increasing the share both in GDP and the trade balance of Ukraine, and still remains to be profitable activity, if you deal with it effectively. 



Shall Ukrainian cherry be on the Ukrainian cake?

Having achieved undoubted leadership among European countries, last year Ukraine broke in global five producers of cherry and sweet cherry. Two years ago our country took the eighth place in terms of overall production. And though, cherry and sweet cherry demand growth is predicted, Ukrainian producer will not feel benefits from the tendency due to exceptionally limited volume of exports. What should be done to change the situation?



European prospects for Ukrainian berries

Ринок ягід у ЄС зростає — і обсяги, і вартість. Для українського виробника це можливість увійти в ринок на його підйомі. За даними МЗС Нідерландів, підвищення ціни і рівня споживання — глобальний тренд, який зумовлений збільшенням кількості людей із середніми доходами.



Agrarian Academy: facts without comments

There are a few basic facts about activity of National Academy of Agrarian Sciences without detailed analysis and unnecessary comments. All information used has been taken only from public sources.



Trump’s victory as a slap in the face of globalization: Consequences for agricultural sector of Ukraine

There is an increase of provincialism in the field of global food production .For the agricultural sector of Ukraine it is bad news, and the state will not help



About rams and Europe

Do we need quotas that have not been taken up every year? Ukraine has not taken up export quota to the fullest extent for some kinds of products to the European Union countries within the frames of Free-Trade Agreement. In most cases it refers to the products of animal origin including mutton as well.

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