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24 October 2016



EU increased the supply of agricultural products in Ukraine

According to the State Fiscal Service, supply of agricultural products from the EU to Ukraine in the first half of 2016 amounted by 0.85 B USD, which is in 8.1% more than in the same period of last year. Overall, imports of agricultural products increased by 10.2% to 1.95 B USD during the first half of 2016 compared to the same period in 2015.



Demand for cattle from abroad has led to prices increase

According to UCAB price monitoring, the average purchase cattle price (bulls 400 kg) from the beginning of October amounted to 30-31 UAH/kg. In the central region price increased by 10% and into the middle of the month amounted to 32-34 UAH/kg.



Parliament conserved corruption schemes in land relations for one more year

October 6, Parliament adopted the bill to extend the moratorium on sale of agricultural land until January 1, 2018. 297 deputies voted «For» the bill № 5123-1.



Press - releases


Ucab The state will subsidize the most profitable culture in 2015

Last year, according to the State Statistics Committee profitability of buckwheat was the highest among other crops and was estimated by 100%. Thus the draft of budget for 2017 provided subsidies for growing this financially attractive culture.



Agricultural producers will save 119 million dollars on expanding quotas

According to UCAB estimates, savings by increasing the quota for tax-free export of agricultural products to the European Union may be around 119 million dollars. The biggest savings observed in the group of grain and its processing products.



Ucab Business climate in the agriculture sector of Ukraine improves significantly

APD and UCAB have conducted the fourth survey on agri business climate index (ABI), which consists of agri business climate, representing an evaluation of current economic situation and expectations, as well as of agri business index, which indicates changes in the evaluation of the current situation. Mainly individual households but also crop producers have significantly increased their evaluation of agriculture business climate in Ukraine. The surveyed agriculture producers link the enhancement of business climate particularly to the impact by general policies as well as to state support for agriculture.





Найбільші агрохолдинги України 2016

Останні п’ять років відзначились непростими умовами для діяльності українських аграрних компаній. З огляду на макроекономічну нестабільність та політичну невизначеність, вони зустріли серйозний виклик щодо підтримки фінансової стабільності бізнесу. В той же час, після економічних потрясінь минулих років та втрати частини активів на окупованих територіях українські агрохолдинги повернулись до накопичення земель.



Agrobarometer 3.0 "Demand for Seeds and Agrochemicals"

“Agrobarometer” is an annual study of economic potential and development perspectives of the agricultural sector in Ukraine. The study involves a survey of agricultural producers from all oblasts conducted twice a year (in February and October).



Нішеві напрямки агровиробництва

«Нішеві напрямки агровиробництва» – перше видання із серії публікацій, що висвітлюють стан, можливості розвитку неіндустріальних аграрних ринків та включають в себе ключові дані, необхідні для прийняття рішення щодо виробництва такої продукції на підприємстві.

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