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23 February 2017

News and press releases


The British shared their experience in agribusiness carrying out

On February 16, 2017 the III British-Ukrainian Agribusiness Forum ‘Agribusiness in Future: Investments in Profitability’ took place under the VII International Exhibition ‘Grain Technology’. The event was organized by the British Embassy in Ukraine together with the Association ‘Ukrainian Agribusiness Club’ and Baker Tilly Company.



Prospects of National Potato Growing in Advanced Processing

Ukraine possesses a high potential in exporting processed potato but makes no use of it. February 15, 2017, the VIII Dutch and Ukrainian Agribusiness Potato Forum was held under Fruit. Vegetables. Logistics 2017 International Exhibition Program. Leading Dutch and Ukrainian experts discussed situation on potato market in Ukraine, defined priority directions in developing the area as well as possibilities for Ukrainian producers. During the Forum, a lively exchange of experience on organizing pilot projects on cooperation in Eastern Europe countries and the Netherlands in order to create added value in potato growing was observed.



Winners and laureates of All-Ukrainian Competition ‘AGROBREND-2017’ became known

Association ‘Ukrainian Agribusiness Club’ and Kyiv International Contract Fair summed up polling surveys of agricultural producers within the framework of All-Ukrainian competition ‘Agrobrend-2017’. This year companies competed in the following new nominations: grain-dryer producer, grain crops silage producer, feed producer, elevator producer, grain thrower producer, loader producer and AIC financial institution.




Farmers are proposed to solve the problem of ‘dangerous goods’ for UAH 100 thousand

A corruption takes place in transport sector under the guise of adjustment in accordance with the EU legislation



Export of cattle meat increased at record

In 2016 a record amount of cattle meat within the previous 5 years was exported, i.e. 35 thous. tons amounting to USD 82.8 million.



Delay in certification of seeds threatens disruption of sowing campaign

On the eve of the spring sowing campaign in 2017 farmers and seed producers have become hostages of reorganization of the state system for registration and certification of seeds and planting material.





Overview of agricultural products imported from the EU countries in January 2017 within the framework of Ukraine - EU FTA.

According to the State Fiscal Service, over January 2017 comparing to the same period in 2016, 53.6 % increase of export of agricultural products is observed amounting up to USD 1.4 billion as well as 16% increase of import amounting up to USD 0.3 billion.



World prices for soybean reduced

Decrease of market price for soybean was stipulated by the beginning of harvesting in Brazil. USDA production forecasts for 2016/2017 were increased up to 104 mln. tons that is 7.5 mln. tons more than the previous marketing year. For more detailed information about trends and prices on the soybean market, please refer to the weekly overview of grain crops and oilseeds at UCAB website, section ‘Analytical information’, subsection ‘Crop production’.



Review of grain crops and oilseeds markets over 20-27 January 2017

Worsening of trade relations between the USA and Mexico can lead to the fall of world prices for corn. Mexico is the main consumer of the American corn and consumes more than 12 mln. tons per year. For more detailed information about prices on the market, please refer to the weekly overview of grain crops and oilseeds at UCAB website, section ‘Analytical information’, subsection ‘Crop production’.

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