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30 August 2015
Підтримка АПК вдесятеро менша, ніж банківського сектору

Підтримка АПК вдесятеро менша, ніж банківського сектору


Holdings lose from kickbacks and stealing

Holdings lose from kickbacks and stealing

How much do holdings lose from kickbacks and stealing?




Northern arable farmers going into autumn facing losses on crops

Many arable farmers will go into the autumn and winter of 2015 nursing potential losses on their crops, according to Allan Chambers, Ulster Farmers’ Union Arable Chairman.



Dairy farmers in warning over milk price slump

Dairy farmers have warned some of them may go out of business if the milk slump continues and they don't get a better price for their product.



Live cattle prices touch 13-year low as supply fears ease

Live cattle prices touched new 13-month lows, following data that showed the supply of cattle to feedlots in June was above market expectations.



New Zealand dairy commodities fall in Chinese stock exchange aftershock

New Zealand dairy markets and commodities have been hardest hit by the uncertainty facing the Chinese stock exchange, according to one of New Zealand’s main banks.



Yatseniuk: Gov't allocated UAH300 million for small and medium-sized farm economies to compensate loan interest rates

The Ukrainian Government has allocated UAH300 million for compensation of the loan interest rates for small and medium-sized farms and, besides, plans to allocate finances within this year second half to compensate the loan interest rates for their purchases of the Ukrainian agricultural machinery, Government Portal says referring to the Ukrainian Prime Minister report made on Fri, Apr 24 within the inspection of the domestic agricultural machinery used for maize and soybeans’ sowing in Kyiv region.



Action Plan for further deregulation of business in Ukraine approved and launched

As of now, Ukraine makes the following steps to facilitate doing business: the Cabinet has approved an Action Plan for deregulation of economic activities and the Ministries, central executive authorities and other State bodies have already started implementing it.


Press - releases


The second five-year period of agricultural holdings: increase of efficiency

Development of agricultural holdings in 2010-2015 was characterized by the transition from the chaotic accumulation of land to the thoughtful management.



How much do holdings lose from kickbacks and stealing?

Ukrainian agricultural holdings suffer from kickbacks and stealing. In response, the companies substantially increase the expenses on security services (the relevant department is often in the top 3 for the number of employees), but it does not help.



Agricultural Holdings in Ukraine. Explosive Growth During the First Five Years

Vertically integrated structures perform more than 20% of agricultural production in Ukraine. How did they arise? What factors influenced their establishment?



In 2015 grain harvest in Ukraine is estimated at 50 million tonnes

The experts of the Association "Ukrainian Agribusiness Club" (UCAB) conducted a preliminary analysis of the grain industry of Ukraine at the beginning of the sowing season. The cost of sowing of spring grains this year may amount to about UAH 34,9-36,4 billion, depending on the rate at which inputs were purchased. At the same time, the area under spring grains might be reduced by 9%, and the yield might amount to 50.5 million tonnes.


Analytical information

За звітний період (з 14.08-21.08.2015) на вітчизняному ринку пшениці спостерігався різносторонній ціновий тренд. Так, вартість продовольчої пшениці в гривневому еквіваленті збільшилась на 1,7%, в той ...



«Агроспектр» — це дослідження розвитку ТОП-виробників, експортерів та імпортерів продукції рослинництва, тваринництва, харчової промисловості та ресурсів сільськогосподарського виробництва, із часткам...

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