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11 February 2016



Ucab Cancelling export duty on flax will double production

Ukrainian Agribusiness Club supports cancelling export duty on flax seeds. In case it is cancelled in 2016, the industrial areas under this crop can be doubled in two or three years. And the increased exports of flax seeds can bring additional USD 45-50 mln, and potentially more.



China seeks food security with $43 billion bid for Syngenta

China made its boldest overseas takeover move when state-owned ChemChina agreed a $43 billion bid for Swiss seeds and pesticides group Syngenta on Wednesday, aiming to improve domestic food production.



Ucab The prices for crops are growing

Last week (22.01-29.01.2016 year) the average purchasing price for wheat of the 3rd class increased to 3700 (+100) UAH/t, for feed wheat - up to 3450 (+50) UAH/t, for barley - to 3450 (+50 ) UAH/t, for maize - up to 3550 (+150) UAH/t.



Ucab In January the price for live pigs decreased by 9%

Purchase prices for live pigs in Ukraine continue to decrease. According to UCAB monitoring, in January they declined by 9%. At the end of the month pigs of meat breeds were sold for 26-27 UAH/kg (including VAT), pigs of second category - for 24-26 UAH/kg (including VAT).



Ucab Exports of bakery products from Ukraine decreased by 42%

According to the State Statistics Service, in 2015 exports of bakery products from Ukraine amounted to $128 mln. That is by 42% less than in 2014 ($221 mln.).



Ucab Bad weather stimulated the growth of prices for crops

During last week (15.01-22.01.2016) purchasing prices for barley and maize increased. According to the results of UCAB weekly price monitoring, the price for barley and maize equaled and amounts to 3400 UAH/t.


Press - releases


Ucab Ukrainian exporters might lose up to USD 0.7 bln of revenue due to transit restrictions

In case of a complete ban of transit of Ukrainian goods through the territory of Russian Federation domestic exporters of agricultural products might bear losses amounting to USD 0.7 bln.



Ucab Ukrainians are to waste UAH 430 mln during New Year holidays

According to the annual UCAB survey, this year Ukrainians might waste food products totaling to UAH 430 mln. Compared with last year this figure dropped by 21% and is the lowest over five years of conducting survey.



15 thousand of farmers are against the destruction of an industry that feeds everyone in Ukraine

December, 17 at 11:00 AM more than 15 thousand representatives of relevant agricultural associations, farmers' organizations, villagers and city residents will gather outside the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (str. Grushevskogo, 5) demanding the preservation of the current provisions of the Tax Code dealing with the agriculture special tax regime.



Ucab The VII International Conference "Doing agribusiness in Ukraine: a time for profound transformations» was conducted in Kyiv

In Kyiv on the 10th of December was conducted VII International Conference "Doing agribusiness in Ukraine: time for profound transformations," which was organized by the Association "Ukrainian agribusiness Club" and the Agency AgriEvent.


Analytical information

During the corresponding week (02.10-09.10.2015) a sideward price trend was observed on the domestic market of wheat. Thus, the price for food and feed wheat in UAH equivalent remained at the level of...



The Largest Agriholdings of Ukraine 2015 is a unique publication that analyzes he information on changes in the land bank of holdings in 2014, as well as rating of agricultural companies by volume of ...

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