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28 September 2016



Ucab UCAB and Sociedade Rural Brasileira signed a memorandum on cooperation

Association Ukrainian Agribusiness Club (UCAB) and Sociedade Rural Brasileira (SRB) signed a memorandum on cooperation during the VII International Conference Large Farm Management.



Ucab The rates of sowing rape are in one and a half times higher than last year

As of September 6 601 thousands of hectares sowed with rapeseeds, which is 54% higher comparing to the rate of the previous year. In total, sown area of winter rapeseeds crop in 2017 is expected to cover 724 thousands of hectares or 10% more than during the harvest in 2016.



Ucab Import of pork is reduced by 36%

Due to the information of Custom service of Ukraine, during January – July 2016 import of pork in dollar value reduced by 36% to 3, 3 M USD, compared to the same period in 2015 (5.1 M USA).



Ucab The vegetables of borsch set have cheapened by 37% during the year

In August the cost of borsch set (total cost of 1 kg of cabbage, potatoes, onions, carrots and beets) ranged from 15.96 UAH to 16.44 UAH, while in August 2015 - 24,06-27,11 UAH.



Ucab Value of capital investment in agriculture increased by 74%

During the first six months of 2016 value of capital investment in agriculture has increased to 17 billion USD, which is in 73.8% higher than last year. During this period of time, investments in the agricultural sector are supposed to be the largest among the others economic sectors in Ukraine.



Ucab Ukrainian milk and cream export increased

Due to information of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, milk and cream export during first seven months of 2016 has increased by 6.6% comparing to the same period in 2015 and reached 2.7 M USD which in physical volumes accounts for 5.2 k tons (+0.08 k tons or +1.6%).


Press - releases


Ucab Business climate in the agriculture sector of Ukraine improves significantly

APD and UCAB have conducted the fourth survey on agri business climate index (ABI), which consists of agri business climate, representing an evaluation of current economic situation and expectations, as well as of agri business index, which indicates changes in the evaluation of the current situation. Mainly individual households but also crop producers have significantly increased their evaluation of agriculture business climate in Ukraine. The surveyed agriculture producers link the enhancement of business climate particularly to the impact by general policies as well as to state support for agriculture.



Ucab Deficit of fuel and grain hoppers is the main problem of grain logistics in 2016

Roundtable on "Deficit of grain hoppers within export logistics” held 14 September at 11.00 a.m. in the office of AgroGeneration. There were representatives from agricultural and logistics companies, exporting companies, and representatives from authority and Ukrzaliznytsia among the participants of the roundtable.



Ucab The topic of the third module of «AgriSchool» was a preparation of feed

8-9 September 2016 Cherkasy city hosted the third module of AgriSchool UCAB called "Management dairy business 2016. Preparation of feed: hay, haylage, silage".



Ucab UCAB calls the Government to speed up the registration of plant protection products

In an open letter to the Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman, the Association "Ukrainian Agribusiness club" and the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine called the Government to solve the problem of restoring the state registration of new plant protection products immediately.


Analytical information

During the corresponding week (02.10-09.10.2015) a sideward price trend was observed on the domestic market of wheat. Thus, the price for food and feed wheat in UAH equivalent remained at the level of...



“Agrobarometer” is an annual study of economic potential and development perspectives of the agricultural sector in Ukraine. The study involves a survey of agricultural producers from all oblasts cond...

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