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26 July 2014



Ukraine may receive new IMF tranche in month

Ukraine expects to receive the second IMF tranche to the amount of USD 1.4 million by mid-August. National Bank Governor Natalia Hontareva told journalists today, commenting on results of negotiations with the IMF Mission.



UN adopted new food standards to protect consumers

The United Nations’ food standards body has adopted new standards to protect consumer health worldwide, UN Radio reports. The Codex Alimentarius Commission decided to lower further the maximum acceptable levels of lead in infant formula.



Strat Grains underlines fears for EU wheat quality

Strategie Grains cautioned over the quality of the European Union wheat harvest, even as it nudged higher its estimate for the quantity, with increased yield expectations for many northern countries.



European Commission to tackle unfair practices in the food supply chain

The European Commission has today adopted a communication encouraging Member States to look for ways to improve protection of small food producers and retailers against the unfair practices of their sometimes much stronger trading partners.



Agricultural producers promise “bread Maidan” in August

If the state fails to support agricultural producers and the fall of grain prices occurs, agricultural producers will go to the “bread Maidan.” Chairman of the Union of Agricultural Servicing Cooperatives of Ukraine Ivan Tomych said at the round table in Kyiv, a Ukrinform correspondent reports.


Press - releases


Gross yield of grain crops and grain legumes in 2014/15 MY is expected to reach 55-56 million tonnes

According to estimations of the Association “Ukrainian agribusiness club” (UCAB), gross yield of grain and oil crops in 2014/15 MY is forecast to 55-56 million tonnes (excluding currently occupied territory of Crimea), which is 6,5 -7,5 million tons (11,9-12,1%) less than previous year. Export is expected to reach 26-27 million tons which is 6,3-7,3 million tons (18,8-21,8%) less than expectations of 2013/14 MY.



Export sales of Ukrainian agricultural commodities to the EU to grow by 14.3% in 2014

According to the estimates of the Association “Ukrainian Agribusiness Club” (UCAB), export sales of Ukrainian agricultural commodities may grow by 8,3-14,3% in 2014 as compared to 2013. In monetary terms, this figure would account for about $4.8-5.1 billion. The main reasons for this increase include unilateral trade preferences provided to Ukraine by the EU and the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union.



AgriFood Spectrum: TOP 15 companies produce 30% of sorghum in Ukraine

According to the results of the study "AgriFood Spectrum of Ukraine-2014: Personal Profile" conducted by AgriSurvey agency, TOP 15 largest producers of sorghum produce one third of this crop in Ukraine.



Abolition of technical inspection for agricultural machinery will facilitate the investment attractiveness of Ukrainian agricultural industry

Association "Ukrainian Agribusiness Club” (UCAB) greets the adoption of Law No. 2609a “On amendments to certain legislative acts of Ukraine (to ensure the safe operation by agricultural machinery)”. According to the UCAB experts, abolishment of technical inspection for agricultural machinery will relieve farmers from the additional financial duties and promote the development of agricultural production.


Analytical information

17 липня 2014 р. в Аграрному союзі України відбулось чергове засідання незалежної Експертної ради з питань цінової ситуації на аграрному ринку за участю представників Аграрного союзу України, асоціац...



«Agri-food Spectrum» – is the study of market concentration at the markets of agricultural commodities, food products, and agricultural inputs supplemented by the lists of TOP producers, exporters and...

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