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26 July 2016



Lowest rapeseed sowing areas in the decade

Statistics Service of Ukraine has published a report with lowest estimation of rapeseed sowing areas level in the decade, particularly 456 k ha.



Shadow economy in agriculture has decreased by 6%

Based on published research of the Ministry of economic development and trade of Ukraine, in 2015 level of shadow economy in agriculture has reached 8% which is 6% less than previous indication.



Share of employed citizens in agriculture has increased to 17.5%

According to information of the State Statistics Service of Ukraine published on July 15, 2016, share of employed individuals in agriculture has increased to 17.5% in 2015. From 2010 to 2015, the share has increased by 2.1%, but absolute amount of employees has decreased from 20.3 to 16.4 M during the same time period.



Agriculture machineries’ import has doubled

During 6 months of 2016 Ukrainian business entities have imported agro machineries valued at 233 M USD, along with tillage machineries for 123 M USD exciding same indicators of preceding year in 2.7 and 2 times accordingly.



Ucab Export of mutton and goats’ meat has increased fourfold

According to information published by the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, export value of mutton and goat’s meat has raised fourfold and reached 45k USD in 1H2016 comparing to 1H2015.



Ucab The UCAB Association supports signing of memorandum by grain business and the Ministry of agrarian policy and food of Ukraine

Ministry of agrarian policy and food of Ukraine and grain business’s entities have signed memorandum about mutual persecution and understanding. In particular, the memorandum foresees export correction based on real production and yield projections.


Press - releases


The UCAB Association calls to abolish export custom’s tariffs for flax and false flax’s seeds

The Association Ukrainian Agribusiness Club stands for abolishment of export tariffs for seeds of flax and false flax. Nowadays 10% export custom tariff is applicable in Ukraine for sunflower, flax and false flax’s seeds aiming to facilitate internal processing in the country to expand export of oils and other processing products. Nevertheless, such custom tariff has no any crux concerning flax’s seeds. International market operators don’t deal with flax’s oil. Thus, flax’s seeds trade value on global markets has reached M 868 USD, whereas global value of flax’s oil trade counted only at M 121 USD.



Ucab The UCAB Association requests to consider agribusiness’ proposals to the Tax Code changes

The Association “Ukrainian Agribusiness Club” salutes common initiative of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on issues of taxation legislation, Supreme Council of Ukraine and the Ministry of finance of Ukraine concerning urgency of tax law optimization, including aspects of agro business. Along with, the UCAB’s Tax Committee has issued drafted project of changes to tax legislation, which are designed to simplify co-work of agro business entities and authorities.



Ucab Ukrainian exporters actively use the EU non-tariff custom quotas

In accordance to the European Commission information, Ukrainian agro and food producers have fulfilled in 1H 2016 non-tariff EU quotas for nine groups of products, such as: natural honey, sugar, cereals and flour, wheat gluten and malt, processed tomatoes, grape and apple juice, oat, wheat, wheat flour and granules, corn, corn flour and granules. Main quarterly quotas for poultry meat and prepared semi-finished products were closed in both 1Q and 2Q of the current year.



Ucab 60 M tons yield of grains in Ukraine foreseen by UCAB

Due to the Association UCAB experts’ estimations 2016 grain yield expected to reach 59.8 M tons which less comparing to previous year by 0.3 M tons. Along with, 2016/17 MY grain export is projected to reach 35 M tons – 3.6 M tons less comparing to the past season.


Analytical information

During the corresponding week (02.10-09.10.2015) a sideward price trend was observed on the domestic market of wheat. Thus, the price for food and feed wheat in UAH equivalent remained at the level of...



“Agrobarometer” is an annual study of economic potential and development perspectives of the agricultural sector in Ukraine. The study involves a survey of agricultural producers from all oblasts cond...

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