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09 October 2015



Ucab Ukrainian poultry is exported to 80 countries

According to customs statistics, this year Ukrainian poultry meat and its by-products were delivered to over 80 countries.



Ucab The price for wheat increased

During the last week (28.09-02.10.2015) export prices on the grain market showed a slight increase.



Ucab Snails are profitable export product

During the first 8 months of 2015 Ukraine exported 260 tons of snails, that is 4.5 times more than during the whole 2014 and 87 times more than in 2013.



There might be a shortage of rye in Ukraine

According to experts of UCAB in 2015/16 MY there might be a shortage of rye in Ukraine. Indicators of gross yield of this crop this year amounted to 399,1 ths. tons, which is 16,5% less than last year.



Population of sheep and goats at agricultural enterprises decreased by 14,5%

According to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, at the beginning of September 2015 the population of sheep and goats in Ukraine totaled 1,67 mln heads, which is 5,4% less than the corresponding figures of the previous year.



Boosting investment in Ukrainian food and agriculture

Agriculture is a shining light in an otherwise challenging economic landscape in Ukraine. At a conference staged in London, international investors, government representatives and leading agribusiness companies from Ukraine discussed how they could bring even more investment in the country’s agriculture sector.


Press - releases


In 2014 land bank of agricultural holdings decreased

Experts of Ukrainian Agribusiness Club note that in 2014 a tendency to reduction of the land bank controlled by large agricultural companies continued, due to economic and geopolitical problems in Ukraine.



Third five-year period of Ukrainian agriholdings: development prospects

For Ukrainian agricultural holdings the third five-year period began with unfavorable economic and political conditions inside the country and low prices on world markets. In this regard, analysts consider several possible scenarios of development.



The second five-year period of agricultural holdings: increase of efficiency

Development of agricultural holdings in 2010-2015 was characterized by the transition from the chaotic accumulation of land to the thoughtful management.



How much do holdings lose from kickbacks and stealing?

Ukrainian agricultural holdings suffer from kickbacks and stealing. In response, the companies substantially increase the expenses on security services (the relevant department is often in the top 3 for the number of employees), but it does not help.


Analytical information

Ринок живої худоби. У другій половині вересня закупівельні ціни на ВРХ практично не переглядалися, в деяких випадках спостерігалося незначне їх зниження.



Агрохолдинги — відносно молоді структури у вітчизняній економіці і в українському агробізнесі зокрема, і останні роки були досить складними для них. У першу чергу, це було пов’язано з ускладненням дос...

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