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26 November 2015
Doing 2015

Doing 2015


10 December 2015
Premier Palace Hotel Kyiv 




Ucab Ukrainians reduced consumption of cheese

According to the results of online survey, conducted by UCAB, almost half of respondents have reduced the consumption of cheese this year.



Ucab Foreign investors stopped withdrawing money from Ukraine

As of the beginning of October, foreign direct investment in equity capital of Ukrainian agricultural enterprises totaled USD 3040,4 mln, only 0,2% less than as of July 2015 (second quarter of 2015).



Ucab Imports of butter down 20 times

During 10 months of 2015 Ukraine imported 0.5 ths. t. of butter, which is 20 times less compared with the same period of 2014.



Ucab Ukrainians learned the truth about milk products

On November 14 in Kyiv Ukrainian Agribusiness Club Association and AgriEvent Agency held a workshop Simply About Milk for Ukrainian consumers.



Ucab Exports of chocolate from Ukraine decreased by 34%

In January-October 2015 Ukraine exported 53.3 ths. tons of chocolate, which is 34% less than during the same period of last year.



Ucab Imports of lard decreased by 21%

According to customs statistics, in January-October 2015 imports of lard and fat constituted 46.6 ths. t, which is 21% less than the corresponding figures of the previous year.


Press - releases


Ucab Ukrainians choose cheaper sweets

In January-September 2015 food products in Ukraine went up by 47% compared to the same period of the previous year, while personal income increased by only 17%.



Ucab Has Ukrainian agribusiness regained the trust?

At the beginning of this week the capitalization of Ukrainian public agricultural companies exceeded USD 3 billion. Before the global financial crisis, this figure reached USD 10 billion, later, by 2014, after a period of bankruptcies and acquisitions it stabilized within USD 6-7 billion.



Ucab Ukrainian milk is going up in price

In the first half of October prices for raw milk in Ukraine rose by 6.3%, according to the Association "Ukrainian Agribusiness Club" (UCAB).



Ucab Only three plant products went up in price in September

Experts of UCAB analyzed the consumer basket and concluded that only three plant products went up in price during September: cabbage (+31%), sugar (+3%) and potatoes (+2%).


Analytical information

За звітний період (13.11-20.11.2015) на вітчизняному ринку пшениці спостерігався висхідний ціновий тренд. Так, вартість продовольчої та фуражної пшениці збільшилась на 100 грн./тонну кожна.



The Largest Agriholdings of Ukraine 2015 is a unique publication that analyzes he information on changes in the land bank of holdings in 2014, as well as rating of agricultural companies by volume of ...

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