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25 April 2017

News and press releases


Ukraine increases its export of peas

In 2016 Ukraine exported 359 thousand tons of peas to the amount of USD 106.5 million that is 88% more than the volumes of 2015 constituting 191 thousand tons to the amount of USD 54 million. The primary importers of the Ukrainian peas were India – 41% of all supplies, Pakistan – 16%, Bangladesh – 8% and Turkey – 5%.



After Easter, prices for meet are expected to decrease

Upon the Easter holidays prices for meet are expected to decline within 6-10% under the influence of downward trend at the live cattle market.



UCAB initiated work of the Committee on precision farming

The first meeting of the Committee on precision farming which is a part of UCAB and consisted of such companies as IMC, MHP, Svarog, Agrogeneration, Agrofusion, Agro-Region, Harveast and Agro Dilo was conducted.




SGS Ukraine became a member of UCAB

Foreign Enterprise ‘SGS Ukraine’, leader at the market of expertise, verification, control and certification in agriculture sector, joined the Association ‘Ukrainian Agribusiness Club’. How the company is carrying out its business at present was told in an interview by Oleksandr Vozniuk, General Director of SGS Ukraine.



Exports of agricultural products to China exceeded 1 billion dollars

Sunflower oil, wheat and soybeans are mostly supplied to P. R. China but domestic beef is one of the most promising products.



In April increase of prices for meat and eggs is expected

In view of the end of Lent the rise in prices for most products of animal origin is anticipated in the second or third decade of April. Cost of meat is expected to increase by 7-12%. However, this price hike will be short-time and at the end of April prices are going to stabilize. Rising costs are connected with increasing demand for meat products, and currently the first indications of this trend influenced by increase of purchase prices for live cattle can be observed. Increase of price for eggs is expected as well, since the demand for them during Easter holidays is very high.





Overview of agricultural products imported from the EU countries in January - March 2017 within the framework of Ukraine - EU FTA.

According to the State Fiscal Service, over January - March 2017 comparing to the same period in 2016, 32.3 % increase of export of agricultural products is observed amounting up to USD 2.7 billion as well as 9% decrease of import amounting up to USD 0.7 billion.



Niche agricultural production directions: sorghum

Association ‘Ukrainian Agribusiness Club’ continues a series of studies of the perspective niche agricultural markets. This publication presents analysis of sorghum. Sorghum production in Ukraine has demonstrated an upward trend within the last ten years in spite of the production cutback in the certain years. Production of sorghum increased from 64 tons in 2006 to 273 tons in 2016. More detailed information about sorghum market can be found in the research of UCAB.



Information about increasing ethanol percentage in petrol stirred the market

During the last week the American media revealed the information that the USA government intends to increase percentage of ethanol in fuel from 10 to 15%. It has already affected the volatility of prices for corn, and subject to the final decision to increase percentage of bioethanol it will lead to rise in prices. For more detailed information about trends and prices on the oil market, please refer to the weekly overview of grain crops and oilseeds at UCAB website, section ‘Analytical information’, subsection ‘Crop production’.

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