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24 October 2017


The farm machinery market continues to grow

The market of self-propelled machinery - tractors, combines, sprayers, has continued its growth in 2017. For January-September in Ukraine those types of cars were sold more than for all last year.



The indexation of freight tariffs will take place in November

The State Regulatory Service of Ukraine allowed public joint-stock company Ukrzaliznytsia to increase the tariffs for rail freight transportation by 15%.



Agrarian export has reached record high levels

The share of agricultural products in the overall export structure from Ukraine for 9 months increased slightly from 40.2% to 41.3% compared to the same period last year.



Ukraine is rapidly expanding the export of berries to Europe

The import of berries by the EU countries has tripled over the last five years and continues to grow. Significant volumes of berries are grown in EU countries, but the demand for these products remains significantly higher than their own production.



The expected yield of oilseeds is 18 mln tons

As of October 11, 14 mln tons of oilseed crops were harvested in Ukraine: 2.1 mln tons of rapeseed, 2.3 mln tons of soybeans and 9.5 mln tons of sunflower.



Rapeseed can become a niche crop in Ukraine

In the near future, Ukrainian rapeseed production may return to the indicators of the early 90's in 40-130 thous. tons.



UCAB opposes the test regime of the system for blocking tax invoices

The Association “Ukrainian Agribusiness Club” sent an official appeal to Nina Yuzhanina, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on Tax and Customs Policy, requesting the rejection of the Bill No. 7115.



UCAB prices

The seasonal peak of vegetable production ends in Ukraine

As predicted, in September the vegetable prices showed a downward price trend. The onion fell in price most of all (-9%), while potato and beet prices decreased by 1%. The offer increase of apples led to the price drop of 18%. Meat and milk increased in price by 2%-4%. The group of grocery products has remained unchanged.



bussines index agri ucab

Ucab Agriculture Business Climate dropped in August 2017

Kyiv, 13th September 2017. August survey on Agriculture Business Climate demonstrates weakening of perception of agricultural producers about their business performance and opportunities in Ukraine. In light of this evaluation, compared to February 2017, the estimates of the current situation decreased tremendously, whereas business expectations for the upcoming year dropped just slightly. In addition, comparison with the estimates of August 2016 (when Agriculture Business Climate boosted significantly) results in a rather poor evaluation of the current business climate in agriculture of Ukraine.



Ukrainian butter exports are at record level

In the first eight months of the current year, the butter exports from Ukraine totaled almost 18 thous. tons - an absolute record for the last ten years. This volume is already 1,5 times more than the exports for the whole last year. At the same time, in 2016, 12 thous. tons of butter were exported abroad.

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