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10 August 2022



Sunflower seeds exporters continue increasing of purchasing prices

        The Ukrainian export market of sunflower seeds observes low trade-purchasing activity.
      According to the experts of IA "APK-Inform", the most part of export-oriented companies ship sunflower seeds under the current export contracts.
      As the market participants observe, only the single companies purchase sun seeds in the ports increasing their demand prices due to significant lack of offers.
       Thus, the purchasing prices are mainly at the level of 3250-3350 UAH/t, or about 670-700 USD/t (CPT-port). Nevertheless, the market operators notice that even slight increase of purchasing prices would not activate the speed of arrival of sun seeds as the holders of free volumes reserve the sales expecting for the price increase in future. At the same time, the importers' interest towards purchases of sunflower seeds remains high. The buyers declare their demand prices at 670-720 USD/t (FOB-Black Sea ports).
       At that, only in separate cases the exporters conclude new export contracts.
       Let us remind you that during 3 months of 2007/08 season, Ukraine exported 41.000 tonnes of sunflower seeds, up almost 4 times as compared to the analogous period last season.
      You may find detailed information about the current state of Ukrainian market of oilseeds and grains in our periodical "Agrimarket Weekly Report". 


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