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25 April 2024



During the fourth module of AgroSchool industrial process control was discussed

During the fourth module of AgroSchool  industrial process control was discussed

On 10-11 November in Kyiv the Association ‘Ukrainian Agribusiness Club’ (UCAB) held the fourth module of the UCAB AgroSchool ‘Management of Dairy Business – 2016’ dedicated to the industrial process control issues. The module involved theoretical and practical sessions as well as site visit to production facilities of the private enterprise ‘Agrofirm Rozvolozhzhia’.

During the two-day workshop nearly 40 participants including heads of dairy agricultural enterprises, industry experts, practicing production engineers and livestock specialists discussed efficient management of the dairy business: nutrition optimization, cost structure of milk as well as effective approaches to personnel and communication management, perception of information and many other issues.

Elman Orudzhov, Deputy Head of Livestock Farming Department of Agro-Industrial Holding Company ‘Astarta-Kyiv’ advised the participants how to increase efficiency of milk production: ‘Most of all the dairy business representatives are concerned about efficiency of their farms and the final outcome. We have to answer a series of questions to find an effective solution for the problems. At first, we should identify problems arising in business in the first instance. I can determine the following major problems: low level of production, increase of production costs, lack of qualified personnel, absence of investments and effective management methods’. In addition, Elman Orudzhov told the participants of AgroSchool how to calculate performance indices of the farm and to plan forage resources so that the cow brings as much income as possible.

Mykhailo Pavlychenko, an Independent Expert of dairy industry, during theoretical and practical sessions informed about relation of industrial or financial indicators: ‘The key question important for the dairy business today is an impact of cow productivity and milk yields on the final financial outcome. Without adequate volume of milk yields, milk industry cannot be profitable. The point is that not everyone understands these special relations, and, consequently, a problem concerning the right direction to move turns up. Another reason foresees the lack of proceeds, but it can be resolved in some or other way, in particular by means of the loan funds’.

Participants of AgroSchool shared their experiences and views about education. Dmytro Vlasenko, the Chief Veterinarian of Progress LLC, spoke about his expectations from the studying: ‘A lot of information is available, but the benefit of such seminars is that the speakers with significantly solid experience in the field can be so-called catalyst of the most important information. I like that speakers provide their knowledge in an easily-accessible form. While listening to the experts’ statements, I realized that many things are reasonable and, as a result, there are lots of ideas how you can apply this knowledge in the farm’.

Serhiy Markelov, the Livestock Specialist of Agrospilka LLC, commented on the importance of arranging AgroSchool for representatives of the dairy business: ‘First of all, such studying is necessary for professional development, exchange of ideas, information, and, consequently, each participant will be able to implement this knowledge at their enterprise. Technologies are moving forward, and it seems that in the nearest future the fewer personnel will be involved in the farm. After all, the less cow ‘communicates’ with the person, the better it is for the animal. Site visit was a breath of fresh air; it was interesting to adopt new experience from the colleagues’.

The second day of practical session took place at the production facilities of the private enterprise ‘Agrofirm Rozvolozhzhia’ (Haivoron village, Kyiv region) where Dmytro Kolodiy, veterinarian of the farm business, conducted an excursion around the farm. ‘We would like to show directly our production so that the participants may observe milk yielding process and attitude towards animals. At our farm, for example, it is forbidden to beat the animal, instead of this, we use other methods to attract attention (claps or whistling) in order to avoid the stress of animals. We want to show how the ordinary farm can operate successfully using the Dutch management methods. Such visits to the farm, in my opinion, are of great value. It is a huge experience since one site visit to the production facilities can provide much broader understanding about the dairy business than studying of theoretical foundation’- said Dmytro Kolodiy, Veterinarian of the PE ‘Agrofirm Rozvolozhzhia’.




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Association ‘Ukrainian Agribusiness Club’ (UCAB), , was founded in 2007 to protect economic and professional interests of the agribusiness players of Ukraine. UCAB is a unique platform in Ukraine for establishing business contacts between the agribusiness leaders, enhancing their performance efficiency as well as building dialogue with the government authorities. UCAB greatly facilitates establishing and maintaining international business relations for the Ukrainian producers. The Association includes the largest producers and processors of agricultural products in Ukraine.

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