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17 October 2019


Ucab Agrarians do not trust the outsourcing

In Ukraine the outsourcing of accounting and legal services has not gained widespread popularity among the agribusinesses. This is evidenced by the findings of UCAB Metrics 2018 survey, conducted by the Association «Ukrainian Agribusiness Club».



Ucab Agroholdings cultivate one-third of the land of all agricultural enterprises

The number of agroholdings and their land bank continues to grow in Ukraine.



Ucab 85% of farmers don't use crop and yield insurance

A team of experts from the Association «Ukrainian Agribusiness Club» conducted a survey of agricultural enterprises in order to explore the insurance market within the UCAB Metrics 2018 study.



Ucab One third of the operating expenses of the agrarians are covered by bank loans

According to a survey «UCAB Metrics 2018» conducted by a team of analysts of the Association «Ukrainian Agribusiness Club» in May 2018, 51% of Ukrainian agrarians use bank lending to cover part of their operating expenses.



Ucab Agrotechnologies from Finland for Ukrainian market

On June 6, in the framework of the AGRO-2018 exhibition, with the support of the Association «Ukrainian Agribusiness Club», UCABEvent agency and Business Finland, a business meeting was held with a delegation of Finnish companies arrived in Kyiv to establish trade relations with Ukrainian agrarian companies.



Ucab Grain export is far behind last year

The reduction of gross crops production in 2017 to 61.9 mln tons, compared with 66 mln tons a year earlier, and the growth of competition for sales markets significantly affected the volumes of grain exports from Ukraine.



Ucab Strawberry nightmares of Poland - Ukraine is boosting the production

The start of the strawberry season was quite ambitious for Ukrainian berry growers. Prices started at 170 UAH/kg, but in three weeks they dropped sharply to 28-35 UAH/kg.



Ucab The projected decline in soybean sowings this year is confirmed

The pace of this year's soybean planting season has fallen by 7% compared with last year's figures. As of May 29, Ukraine has sowed 1670 thous. hectares of soybeans, which is 87% of the planned sowing areas this year. In comparison, 1 830 thous. hectares or 94% of the plan were sown at that date in the past year.



Ucab Exports of sunflower oil and sugar reduced

According to the State Fiscal Service, exports of agro-food products from Ukraine in January-April 2018, compared to the same period in 2017, decreased by 1,6% and totalled USD 5,929 mln.



Ucab The weather dictates its rules of game on the global wheat market

World wheat production in 2018/2019 MY will decrease to 747,7 mln tons, that is 10,6 mln tons less than a year earlier. At the same time, consumption will continue to grow and, according to forecasts of the USDA analysts, will reach 753, 8 mln tons, which is 10 mln tons more than last year's figure.

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