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25 April 2018

The days of agricultural technologies

Association "Ukrainian agribusiness club" in cooperation  with Agency AgriEvent announce a series of measures in 2017 to demonstrate advanced technologies: tillage, planting, spraying, autumn tillage.


This year, Association "Ukrainian agribusiness club" establishes the series of events showcasing cutting-edge technologies of the main technological operations: tillage, sowing, application of plant protection products, ploughing and harvesting. During the events will be presented the work of agricultural equipment of international leading manufacturers, generators of agricultural technologies. Events will take place with the active participation of members of the UCAB and all agricultural producers who are interested in  its implementation.

UCAB technologies days is a platform which provides the opportunity to ask the farmers the trend and show know-how of the agricultural sector. The events will show the technologies that will become up-to-date in the near future. Participation for farmers is free.

UCAB technologies days allow:

- to test in the field of the agricultural equipment of leading world manufacturers, to conduct testing and evaluation; to demonstrate new technologies in agricultural engineering;

- to attract 200+ agricultural producers, which are within 250 km from the venue;

- to collect in one place the Directors of enterprises, chief agronomists, chief engineers of 20 major agricultural holdings in Ukraine – members of UCAB with a land bank of approximately 4 million ha.

Dates: First module with pre-sowing tillage starts in the third decade of March 2017.

Venue: Prilutski cluster of Agroholding IMC, 50.606416, 32.178797.

For more information, please contact the organizing team:

Anatoly Tsyrkun, project head Manager, 067-769-86-58

Artem Demchenko, project Manager, 096-072-06-71

Olexander Radchenko, project Manager, 097-642-18-48

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