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25 June 2022

Agrarian news


Ucab Sown areas under soybeans will be reduced mainly by small producers

According to a survey conducted by UCAB analytical team «UCAB Metrics 2018: Seeds, Plant production products and Fertilizer», half of Ukrainian soybean producers plan to change the sown areas this year.



Ucab Soybeans and poultry meat were the basis of increasing exports in January-February

According to the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, in January-February the export of agricultural products from Ukraine increased by 3,4% to USD 2,774 mln, compared to the same period in 2017. At the same time, the export share of agricultural products in the overall structure of Ukraine's exports in the current year decreased from 42,8% in 2017 to 37,6%.



Ucab Agrarian export to the EU has set a record for the last 5 years

According to the results of 2017, Ukraine showed an increase in supplies of agricultural products to the EU by 34%, which is EUR 1.4 bln more than last year. This dynamic is a record for the last 5 years. According to the latest report of the European Commission Ukraine has risen from the 8th to the 4th place among the main supplier countries of agricultural products to the EU, giving way to only Brazil, the United States and Argentina.



Ucab Soybean prices are increasing against the backdrop of adverse weather conditions in Brazil and Argentina

For the period from February 14 to 21, the export value of Ukrainian soybeans increased by an average of USD 5-7/MT.



Ucab Indonesia will be the key importer of wheat in the world

According to USDA forecasts, in 2017/2018 MY Indonesia will occupy Egypt position and boost its imports of wheat to 125 mln tons.



Ucab The theme of cow nutrition and fodder conservation was discussed on AgriSchool

On 14 and 15 February the first module of UCAB AgriSchool «Сow nutrition and fodder conservation» was held in Dnipro town. During the two-day workshop almost 30 participants discussed cow nutrition according to technological groups, the main aspects of fodder conservation and the methods of increase in milk yields.



Ucab Spring sowing campaign will cost UAH 127 bln this year

Sowing-2018 will cost 23% more than last year and will amount UAH 127 bln. It is 24 bln more than last year. Spring field works for agrarians cost UAH 103 bln in the spring of 2017.



Ucab Agricultural investment ascent – «ideal height» is still far away

In the third quarter of 2017, capital investment in the agricultural sector showed a record for the last 7 years, reaching USD 611.4 mln.



Ucab Davos chronicles

The World Economic Forum discusses the global issues. The first-ever Ukraine House was opened on this forum under the slogan «Ukraine: Creativity, Innovation, Opportunities». The discussion panel on «Europe's Agro Superpower: Ukraine, Powered by Tech and Innovation » has become the most significant and most visited event of the day.



Ucab Agrarians were left without state support in the first months of 2018

The agrarians weren't acquainted not only with the draft laws on the use and distribution of state support, but even with the relevant plans of the Government.

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