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26 May 2022

Agrarian news


Ucab Agroholdings cultivate one-third of the land of all agricultural enterprises

The number of agroholdings and their land bank continues to grow in Ukraine.



Ucab Strawberry nightmares of Poland - Ukraine is boosting the production

The start of the strawberry season was quite ambitious for Ukrainian berry growers. Prices started at 170 UAH/kg, but in three weeks they dropped sharply to 28-35 UAH/kg.



Ucab Exports of sunflower oil and sugar reduced

According to the State Fiscal Service, exports of agro-food products from Ukraine in January-April 2018, compared to the same period in 2017, decreased by 1,6% and totalled USD 5,929 mln.



Ucab The losses of winter crops are extremely low this year

According to Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, the losses of winter crops in the current production season is only 5 thous. ha of winter rapeseed or 0,6% of 864 thou. ha of sowings and 0,1 thous. ha of winter wheat or only 0,002% of 5943 thous. ha, the rest of winter crops have not suffered losses during overwintering. This is the lowest losses of winter crops in the history of Ukraine's independence. For comparison, in 2017, the losses of winter rapeseed totaled 6% and winter wheat - 0.3%.



Ucab Ukraine closed 6 quotas on duty-free exports to the EU

As of April 17, 2018, Ukraine has exhausted six quotas for duty-free exports under the FTA with the EU. The list of closed quotas included honey, malt and wheat gluten, processed tomatoes, grape and apple juices, as well as wheat and corn.




Ucab Unstable demand for barley provokes price growth

As of 4 April, the cost of Ukrainian barley on the terms of FOB deepwater ports of Ukraine increased to USD 208-218/ MT that is 27% higher than the price level for the same period last year. Such a price for domestic grain crop is a record since the end of 2014.



Ucab Ukraine is the third largest supplier of agro-products to Turkey

According to the results of 2017, Ukraine became the third largest supplier of agricultural products to Turkey and took 7, 2% in the structure of Turkish imports of agricultural products, second only to the United States and Russia. Over the past 5 years, exports from our country have grown by USD 240, 6 mln, and imports have dropped by almost half - by USD 262, 5 mln or -47%.



Ucab One third of agrarians are ready to overpay for the faster delivery of replacement parts

According to a survey conducted by the Association «Ukrainian Agribusiness Club» (UCAB) in March this year, 34% of agrarians throughout Ukraine are willing to overpay for reducing the delivery time for replacement parts for agricultural machinery repair.



Ucab Agrarians are becoming more satisfied with the decentralization reform

According to a survey conducted by UCAB analytical team «UCAB Metrics 2018: Seeds, Plant production products and Fertilizer» a third of the agrarian enterprises located on the territory of the united territorial communities are satisfied with the reform of decentralization and self-government.



Ucab World production of orange juice will decrease

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) predicts a decline in world production of orange juice in 2017/2018 MY to 1.7 mln tons, that is 329 thous tons less than in the last year. The significant decline in production will be due to the decrease in production in Brazil from 1.37 mln tons in 2016/2017 MY to 1.15 mln tons in 2017/2018 MY.

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