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14 July 2024

Analytical information


Overview of agricultural products imported from the EU countries in January – August 2017 within the framework of Ukraine - EU FTA

According to the State Fiscal Service, over January – August 2017 comparing to the same period in 2016, import of cheese increased the most (almost by USD 9,4 million) reaching USD 27.1 million. Poland, Germany and France became the three largest suppliers of cheese to Ukraine.

Cattle, live

The volume of imported products is 50% less, but the supplies from major EU countries increased 3.2 times. 

Meat of cattle, frozen

In general, the imports declined by 5%, while supplies from the main EU countries decreased by 14%. Poland and Lithuania are the main importing countries with their shares of 50% and 33%, respectively.


The import increased by 15%, while supplies from the top three suppliers from the EU declined by 8%. For today, 29% of imported pork is accounted for the Germany, 26% - Netherland and 14% - Poland.

Meat and edible by-products of poultry

Over January-August 2017 the products to the amount of USD 26.2 million were imported. The share of major suppliers from the EU (Poland, Germany and Hungary) is 85 %.

Dairy products

On the whole, the supplies of milk products from abroad grew by one third, and the imports from EU-leaders: Belgium, Poland and Greece increased by 40%.


The import of cheese increased by 53% compared with January-August 2016 and the main suppliers among the EU countries became Poland, Germany and France. The main supplier of cheese to Ukraine remains Poland with its share of 33%.


The import of vegetables reduced comparing to indices of the previous year but supplies from EU countries increased, for example, from Poland (import of onions increased 3.3 times) and Italy (import of cabbage doubled).

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